My business development team

From our experience of operating with the complexities and expensive resources of large firms, we have put together a cost effective way for you to have your own expert Business Development and Marketing Team for a really sensible price. The Hive Consultancy can help by:

  • Providing ways for you to simply and regularly contact clients and prospects – keep in touch and cross-sell your services
  • Beautifully presenting your firm’s communications and brand to stand out from the competition
  • Encouraging client referrals – motivate existing clients to help you win new business
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your pitch processes – no need to reinvent the wheel each time
  • Surveying clients – assess and monitor their views
  • Supporting your events – demonstrate your expertise and build relationships.

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Win more business

We understand that increasing or even maintaining revenue levels is more challenging than ever. The Hive Consultancy can help by:

  • Talking to your clients – find out what they really want
  • Enhancing your key account management – build the right relationships and sell in more deeply
  • Raising your profile – external communications to reach the right audiences with the right messages
  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your pitch processes – no need to reinvent the wheel each time
  • Coaching and training your people – transferring knowledge and improving their skills
  • Establishing metrics to measure your activities – ROI and other effectiveness indicators.


Satisfy your clients' needs

To survive in this marketplace, you business has to be even more attuned to your clients’ needs – and satisfy them. The Hive Consultancy can help by:

  • Developing a clear client strategy – attract and retain the right clients
  • Understanding your marketplace – identify opportunities and threats
  • Focusing on client satisfaction – ascertain what clients want, help fulfil your promise to them and monitor progress
  • Communicating with your people – keep your internal stakeholders informed
  • Communicating with customers and prospects – emphasise what is important to them
  • Gauging your performance against clear measures – identify trends and adapt more quickly.


Differentiate your profile

Now is not the time to be looking and sounding the same as your competition. Or to be keeping a low profile. The Hive Consultancy can help by:

  • Researching your competition – differentiation requires context
  • Developing your brand – stand out from the crowd
  • Embedding what makes you different throughout your business – make them reality, not just marketing speak
  • Communicating with your external audiences – tell them who you are and what you can do for them
  • Communicating with your people – update them on progress and your expectations
  • Measuring your brand’s impact – monitor progress and fine-tune.


Engage your people

Your people keep your promises so it’s crucial to maintain their morale and momentum. The Hive Consultancy can help by:

  • Communicating with your employees – engage and update them
  • Assessing your people’s concerns, issues, thoughts and attitudes – use the results to measure future changes
  • Developing your organisation’s reputation as a great place to work – for candidates, clients and the marketplace
  • Introducing structure around reward and recognition – retain and motivate those people most important to you
  • Defining the ‘right’ people for your organisation – the skills, attitudes and cultural fit to thrive.