More ways to stop losing clients

We received such a positive response to our first blog entry about how to stop losing your clients, that we thought we would get back to the keyboard and share some more ideas on the same theme. We asserted that keeping your existing clients is the most efficient way to ensure the success of your business. Here are some further ways you can make that happen.
Demonstrate the quality of what you do
Are you sure that you have done a great job? If the answer is undeniably ‘yes’ then does your client recognise the quality of your work? What are their expectations? Do they have sufficient knowledge to evaluate what you have achieved? Agree objectives, outcomes, metrics and ways to measure success before you start work and build in feedback opportunities into your process. Share the steps you will be taking so your client has an understanding of your methods, lead in times, dependencies, etc. as well as the difficulties you will overcome to get the right result for them.
Be trustworthy and the ‘right’ fit
Does your client feel comfortable with you? Do they trust you to do what you say you will? Work with them in the way they want? Support what they are trying to achieve? Do they appreciate that you care about the work you do for them? Clients buy you because they believe you can do the job, the money is right and there is the right chemistry between you. Ensure the chemistry does not fizzle out by treating everyone (from the MD to the chap who works at the courier bay) with courtesy and respect. Ask questions. Listen, take note and respond appropriately. Be interested and responsive.
Ensure your Partners/colleagues and other fee-earners know what you are trying to achieve
Does the rest of your leadership team know what you are trying to achieve with your clients? What about more junior fee-earners? You might be very clear about how important client relationships are to you and your firm and how to maintain them but do they? All of your ‘front line’ people need to be aware. At a basic level they should not jeopardise your aims. At a higher level, what could they do to assist you? Consider the processes, information-sharing and training you need to put in place so everyone is up to speed and can contribute to your firm’s quest for growth.
Do not rest on your laurels
Rather than metaphorically sitting in front of the TV every night, you need to continue to woo your clients. Show them you care as much now as you did at the beginning of your relationship. It can be hard to be so mindful sometimes but complacency can be a threat to your firm’s growth. Think about your favourite clients. Your most profitable ones. The ones with the most interesting work. The nicest people. What do you need to do to ensure they do not leave for any of the reasons we have discussed here? What do you need to do to ensure your competitors do not have an opportunity to muscle in?
Focusing on your existing clients is an unsurprising means to maintaining your revenue streams. We are highlighting that communication, care and considered effort is the way to make this obvious approach work in a focused way for your organisation.
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