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Law: Gaining a competitive advantage by creating services and communications relevant to clients, not just the legal profession

The firm repositioned itself as trusted advisers, rather than ‘just’ lawyers and won higher value work.
Talking in their clients’ language and re-shaping their offering in a more commercial way gave the firm a real point of difference
We helped this top 60 law firm develop a whole new way of talking about its offering. It allowed them to provide seamless service to clients and more efficiently and effectively cross-sell additional services. By elevating conversations from technical aspects of law to strategic issues facing clients, the firm repositioned itself as trusted advisers, rather than ‘just’ lawyers and won higher value work.

Research and hard thinking helped repackage services and communicate them effectively
We revelled in the nitty-gritty of this project and got down to business by:

  • Researching and analysing the market
  • Creating and simply describing the new offering
  • Identifying the benefits and ‘added value’ it brought clients as well as how it was different from competitor offerings
  • Connecting the proposition to the rest of the firm’s practice areas, services, case studies, existing campaigns, etc.
  • Explaining how fee-earners could use the risk offering to sell more deeply into existing and future clients and providing tools to help them do so, e.g. a sales toolkit and training
  • Communicating the offering to external audiences by working with our client’s in-house design function to deliver materials, e.g. website, brochures, videos and meeting support materials.

Successful strategic conversations with clients and prospects bolstered fees
The Partners were delighted that their new proposition helped them to talk to C-suite executives and demonstrate understanding of the issues they faced. It became a real focus for the firm’s business development activities with positive results: the practice’s income remained steady despite the worsening economic climate while other areas of the firm suffered its impacts. The Business Development function was also delighted by their boosted profile in the firm, helping to cement their reputation as thought leaders and revenue generators.

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