About Us

About us

The Hive Consultancy works for organisations to help them make more money – by winning new clients or selling in more deeply to existing ones.

Our assignments are related to marketing, communications, business development, branding and measurement.

Our clients, no matter their sector, tend to be influential in their fields and forward-looking in their approach.

One client told us that our methods are ‘thoughtful and rigorous, yet highly pragmatic’. This is what you can expect working with us.


What will it be like working with us?

You will find The Hive Consultancy and our people to be:

Flexible…    not heavy-handed

Knowledgeable…    not boring

Engaging…    not inconsistent

Agile… not plodding

Enterprising…    not passive

Pragmatic…    not impractical

Industrious…    not time-wasting

Connected…    not detached

Thoughtful…    not unprepared

Why choose us?
Our ability to be the client and experienced, independent consultants – all at the same time – we have worked in-house as directors, strategists, marketeers, programme managers, creatives and change consultants running and implementing similar projects to yours. We flex these skills for the benefit of our clients today.
Our breadth of expertise – strategy, branding, internal and external communications, business development, operations, measurement, research and insight, design and skills development all combine for our clients’ benefit.
Our understanding of your business – we help organisations working within the accountancy, consultancy, legal, real estate and financial services industries. Our clients value that we appreciate the context within which they work.
Our value – blue chip experience applied to organisations of all sizes, at accessible prices.
Our people – commercial, savvy, highly skilled and great to do business with. Working with us is interesting, successful and enjoyable.
Our plan – we always act with a goal, an aspiration, an imperative in mind. And not before. We are focused, efficient and results-driven in what we do.
Our cultural sensitivity – every business has its own culture and every region has its own way of doing things. We have completed global and local projects, so we have a clear understanding of working across different environments.
Our beliefs – we deliver what we promise, and more.

Our principals
Alexis Gray
Managing Director
Alexis established The Hive Consultancy to bring blue-chip expertise to other elite and aspiring organisations. READ MORE >

Mobile: +44 (0) 7764 132305

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Paul Marks
Paul’s raison d’etre is to spot opportunities and solve thorny problems; great news for The Hive Consultancy and our clients. READ MORE >

Mobile: +44 (0) 7836 679000

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Melissa Dickinson
Creative Director
Melissa oversees our design team, ensuring our brand, digital and print work achieves business results, beautifully. READ MORE >

Mobile: +44 (0) 7932 045905